Disney/Warner Chappel respond to Star Wars Theory

So as you (probably) know, the Star Wars channel run by Star Wars Theory (most likely the biggest star wars channel in existence) put up another response video after being contacted by Disney for breaching copyright.

The problem I have with this whole scenario is that SWT claims over and over again that it’s not about the money, it was never about the money which we know isn’t exactly right. SWT claims at least once in his first video that he was looking at ways to recover the money that he put into the project. But then he goes on to say it was always a “passion project” when clearly, that’s just not the case.

I know that it sounds valiant when you put yourself on the line for the fans and the fandom, but I’d disagree that’s what SWT did. A Passion Project doesn’t start with the intent to make money, and I believe that perhaps at first, SWT had that intention, but after spending so much of his own money, he decided he would try and recover those costs through the video he made. Not that there’s a single thing wrong with that per se, it’s just that I feel he is asking for the support of the fans while blatantly disregarding the fact that he was trying to find ways to monetise it for himself (while creating something for the fans). Just call it what it is. You made something, it cost too much to make, and you wanted to recover what you put into it. You might lose a few followers here and there for doing that, but hey, you’ve got 1.4 million more.

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