Rey Skywalker?


I am a fiend when it comes to Star Wars speculation and rumours. I am also of that rare breed of Star Wars fan that doesn’t hate spoilers so I’ll entertain any theory because I’m curious to know what people think. I think it all started when I was in the States in 2015 and I had this discussion with one of the Disney store employees about the new movie. I then proceeded to buy one of the Kylo Ren action figures that came complete with voice over lines from the movie which also turned out to be full of spoilers! And I have been spoilerific ever since.

The “Rey is related to Ben” theory has been debated off and on since the release of The Force Awakens. More recently a punter on Reddit has revisited this theory with a new “legit” source claiming it’s true. I can’t link back because I’m currently mobile but it’s there on r/StarWarsLeaks if you want to read it.

I actually think this theory is now more likely to be possible but only because I’m doing what everyone else is and connecting dots. I have nothing solid to refer to (sorry but I don’t consider some random throwaway account on Reddit as proof of anything). I’m simply thinking of the possibility that this is more likely than a Reylo scenario. It’s speculation but so much fun to think “what if?”. I mean think about it. If Rey and Ben were both Skywalker’s, could this support yet another rumour that the Skywalker saga may not end with IX?

All I can say is I’m slowly becoming more and more excited for the next movie and I’ll be discussing possible spoilers here whenever I can.

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