MAGA and the Native American protest controversy

Like the millions of other people who viewed the video on YouTube showing the MAGA smiling teenager in front of the man banging on his drum I say “wtf is actually going on here?”

After reading multiple articles online about it, I think I might finally understand what’s happening but I’m still perplexed as to why so many people don’t. Couldn’t they just do what I did and read a little more rather than jump to conclusions? The masses reply “No viral news is real news and that’s all I need”.

What I see is not a clash of two different groups of people but a mutual understanding and even perhaps mild appreciation of each other’s differences. The teenager in question has apparently received death threats as a result of the video going viral. All because people are lazy…

I haven’t seen the clip that captures more footage of the teenagers being pushed and confronted by the other group but it’s out there, just like the truth that nobody seems to care about.

Maybe I’m just conditioned to dig deeper as a result of my previous job as a journalist. Or maybe I just didn’t cut as many corners to get to a conclusion. Whatever it is, most people have only part of the story and some even less than that.

If you’re ok with seeing only what you want to see, then you’re the problem personified. There’s always two faces to the truth, two sides to every story.

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