Spreading the Star Wars love

I feel pretty good because I just helped an artist I like pick up a commission via Tumblr. This is the sort of thing star wars fans should be doing, not spreading toxicity online in forums and on social media.

What is the saying? Be the change you want to see? I’m doing my bit I hope 😁

Here’s the art by artist @sean_miller33_art on Instagram

7 thoughts on “Spreading the Star Wars love

    1. Hi fellow Star Wars fan 😁 Thank you for dropping by and yes, we do. It saddens me to see lifelong fans leaving the fandom when they shouldn’t have to. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but there are so many positive ways you can express yourself and fans opt to be rude to each other ☹

      1. Hello fellow fan 😄 Yeah, I mean for a series that speaks so eloquently about the need for tolerance and love, our SW fandom just seems to skip right over that lesson lol. But I hope for the best! 😄

      2. Well, we can definitely do our bit to keep things positive 🙂 even though I am more a darkside fan myself haha 🙂

      3. Haha, well secretly I love them all lol but Darkside Confessions somehow sounded more intriguing than Lightside 😅😂