30 degrees!

So the weather in my country right now is a big deal. The reason is because my city is known for having a relatively nice, temperate climate. But due to a recent heatwave that is killing animals in Australia (thankfully, nothing as bad here so far), the temperature yesterday got to 30 degrees Celsius with 67 percent humidity. This is very warm for my city. Usually, the temperature doesn’t get any higher than mid 20s in summer. For those readers not using the metric system, that’s about 86 Fahrenheit.

In one particular part of New Zealand it got to 41 degrees!! That’s crazy…

Today is supposed to be even hotter ☹ I’m lucky enough to be in an air conditioned building, but I feel for all those people who aren’t. Heat also triggers migraines for me which is why I hide from the heat.

I just pray nobody gets sick or worse and that no more animals die 😢