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When one of your favourite Star Wars artists says “Thanks!”

I am a lover of art. I think I always have been but in the last year or so I have really become a true art lover, particularly of Star Wars art. As a result of this new passion of mine, I have become quite familiar with a lot of the more prolific artists through their work and their social media accounts.

Eli Hyder who is @venamis on social media is one of my favourite Star Wars artists. A large proprotion of the art he creates is all about Star Wars and his art is very distinctive (or at least it is to me).

So when I posted one of his pieces on my Instagram account and he said “thanks” for promoting his art, I was pretty chuffed 😊

Here’s the interaction:

And here’s the art:

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2 replies on “When one of your favourite Star Wars artists says “Thanks!””

Hello Xen, this is an awesome story! That a well known artist takes an interest in a work you have created is an amazing feeling. I recently met a gentleman who built the Imperial R2 unit droid seen in the SOLO movie at a comic con. I was so impressed I designed a lightsaber based on his droid (called R5-PHT). It was black and silver and had a red “Sith/Imperial” blade. Well I later met the gentleman at the comic con and got to talk to him and I had pictures on my mobile phone to show him. His reply? He said “Yes, I’ve seen these pictures on your site!” I was both amazed and humbled!
Anyhoo, thank you for visiting my site recently to view my LOTR design “Barad-Dur Saber” and keep up your great work with the artwork!

(P.S. I have a few bits of art I created on my site too, and my forum signature image actually has a flashing green saber on it 😀 )