Star Wars fans; will they ever get along?

I do not identify with any one-star wars fandom group. I am not a “reylo” supporter nor am I anti reylo. I don’t think any trilogy is necessarily better than any other. I am a Star Wars fan without boundaries. I choose to love it all, come what may. Which is why I guess I never felt like I belonged on social media because I never really agreed with any particular group.

I think it’s sad when something you love turns on itself because people believe what they have to say is right and therefore everyone else is wrong. That’s just silly because nobody but the creators can have that honour and even then, they probably wonder about it.

This is precisely why I save my opinion for my blog and not on public forums where people troll you just to pass the time. Everyone has a voice, it’s just some are a lot more aggressive about it.

Personally, I don’t see the divide amongst the fans disappearing any time soon. And that’s a shame. What makes me really sad is that if my father was still alive, I think he’d be shocked to see what this fandom has become. And that’s another reason why I choose to avoid the conflict. I guess he taught me well. 😊

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