You are NOT married to Adam Driver 不


Apparently, someone at Cosmopolitan needed to remind us of the fact that we are not married to Adam Driver. Bwahaha, the article itself is actually quite funny, I like her sense of humour, but you’re not convincing ANYONEEEE lady!!! (okay maybe she is, but that sounded kind of dramatic, so I’ll stick with it).Yeah OK, so loads of people on Tumblr and every other social media platform out there love Adam Driver to death, heck, he’s adorable so why wouldn’t they? I think fans might take things a little too far sometimes (not that I’ve witnessed this per se, but I’ve been told of some crazzzaaaaaay fans, and they definitely exist). So in part, maybe this article is loosely aimed at them? But there are a LOT of Adam Driver fans who respect his privacy and his wife Joanne and their lives together (what little we see of it). I am a huge Adam Driver fan, but we’re not all out to go all fatal attraction on Joanne for being his wife (right?)

My partner likes Adam, everyone I know that knows about Adam Driver loves Adam – it’s a thing that we do when someone proves they’re worthy of our praise. I think there are a few fans out there that may be a little too obsessed with our “emo Prince”, but I would say that’s wayyyyyy off the scale of how it really is in the fandom. Well, from what I’ve seen of it and I’m in it, every single day.

Writers are gonna write (haters gonna hate lol) but the reality (at least my experience of it) is a whole lot less exciting than a fandom full of crazy people after Adam Driver’s DNA… (lol, that sounded kind of weird but you get what I mean)…


And until next time, I’m just going to sit here salivating over this new edit I just made in Adam’s honour muahahaha 不不不 (yes, that’s a joke, just needed to be clear lol)

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