The Aggressive Negotiator – Padme Amidala’s Lightsaber

One of the blogs I follow – For Tyeth Sabersite is a website full of lightsaber designs by the site’s owner, For Tyeth, Checking out some of his latest content, I came across this awesome lightsaber the “Aggressive Negotiator” designed for Padme Amidala, and it’s damn cool:


He also designed it in blue as well:


You can actually see the insignia of the Royal House of Naboo on its hilt which I thought was a beautiful touch to add to it. If only Padme had been force sensitive, I could totally see her wielding this sabre with elegance and finesse.

What do you think? Pretty cool, right? Feel free to check out the rest of For Tyeth’s website, you’ll be glad you did 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Aggressive Negotiator – Padme Amidala’s Lightsaber

    1. Greetings Miss Tara, glad you like the design. I try to include little details to make a saber more personal to the character or theme I’m designing it for and as Padme was technically a Skywalker by marriage I thought I would test out a blue blade as well. Thanks for your kind comment and MTFBWY!


      1. Hello there! 😄
        Thank you for replying to my comment — your Padme lightsaber design is absolutely gorgeous, I especially love the activator switch, it’s such a sweet romantic touch!

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      2. Hello again, it’s my pleasure. I felt the pendant was something that stayed with Padme ever since Anakin gifted her it I had to include it somehow. And it’s these details that I think create the emotional connection to a design. Thanks once more for the like and follow and I look forward to chatting again in the near future. MTFBWY.

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  1. Hello Xen, thank you so much for the kind words about my site and designs, it means a lot coming from a talented artist in their own right. I designed this hilt with the belief that Padme was Force sensitive and my reasons are that during Revenge of the Sith there is the scene where Padme is in her apartment and Anakin is in the Jedi Temple but they appear to share a “Force Link” connection, both being aware of the pain in each other. This is just like the bond Luke and Leia displayed in Empire Strikes Back where Luke is hanging beneath Bespin City and “calls out” to Leia and she senses his predicament. I could be wrong but you never know.

    Either way, thanks again and I hope to chat again soon, MTFBWY.

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