If you could look into the future would you?

One Question A Day – I think this would be terribly difficult to ignore or say “No” to because there are so many things you’d want to know about your future like “do you stay in the same job?” “are your loved ones OK in the future?” “are you in the same relationship?” or “do you meet someone new?” but for me, I’d be able to forego all of those things to live out my life as intended. Knowing the future would give you a way to prepare yourself against things to come, for sure. But there’s something nice about not knowing, you know? It feels more secure to me not to know than to know what your future holds.

So for me, this would be a “No”, but I don’t think this would be the same answer for everyone because we are all at different stages of our lives, we are all different people with different needs and expectations from life. I could totally understand if someone wanted to know what was coming for different reasons, which is why this is such an interesting question to ask.

What would you do dear readers? Yay or nay and why? Let me know in the comments as always 🙂

2 thoughts on “If you could look into the future would you?

    1. Lol 🤣 yeah, I actually took time to think about it seriously. While the idea of seeing your future is cool, I would rather not know. It would be kind of scary I think.


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