Star Wars is Poetry – The Last Jedi Expanded Edition


My Edit 🙂


“I know everything I need to know about you,” she countered, taken aback.
“You do?” he asked, and peered at her, eyes intent. “You do, You have that look in your eyes from the forest, when you called me a monster.”
He came within a meter or two of Rey, and she wondered what would happen if she refused to move and they intersected. Would she find herself in his mind again, and have to endure his presence in hers? Could they actually touch, across a galaxy?
“You are a monster,” Rey said, remembering the terror of her paralysis on Takodana.
She stared back at him — and found his. eyes full of hurt. Hurt — and conflict.
“Yes, I am,” Kylo said, and there was no menace in his voice — only misery.”

Jason Fry, The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition (Exclusive Edition)

It’s weird when you read a novelisation of something you’ve seen in a film, and you try to replay things in your head to see where the differences occur. Looking over the above text and then going back to this scene in The Last Jedi, I think they’re pretty much the same. The novelisation had the input of Rian Johnson (that might be good or bad depending on what you think of him), and it certainly feels that way when you read specific scenes and how they co-relate to the film. There are extra scenes in the book that are not shown in the movie though which is pretty great.

What do you think about this movie tie-in? Do you like it, hate it, do you think it works well or not at all?  Let me know in the comments friends 😊

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