Question of the Day #2 – Writing Prompt

Question of the Day – If someone you knew committed a serious crime, what would you do?

I think it’s time to start ramping up to more serious questions, perhaps even controversial ones, after all, nobody wants easy or boring things to think about, right?

I’ve thought about this question, and I’ve never been able to really answer it myself. It’s one thing to think about something, quite another to be faced with the reality, I mean, what would you do if it came down to putting your friend away, perhaps for good? What if this person was your best friend, your trusted confidante, the one person in the world besides your parents or family that means something to you. What if this person WAS a family member, a brother or sister or heaven’s forbid, your child? This question is not easy to answer, and I don’t think it should be because no matter what you do, you’re changing that person’s life (and your own) forever, even if you choose not to dob them into the police.

Let’s say you opt out of dobbing them into the cops because you love this person or you care about this person deeply or both. Could you live with yourself knowing what this person did? Could you live with your decision to share their guilt? In some situations, by not telling the authorities, you, in turn, become an accomplice to their crime. Could you do that to yourself?

I have known of people who walked on the “shadier” side of the street, and for me, the best thing to do was to distance myself from them. This sounds harsh, I know. But at the end of the day, it’s either sink or swim, isn’t it? Nothing good can ever come of a relationship with someone who is involved in crime or associated with criminals.

But enough of me, what would you do? Let me know in the comments whether you disagree or not and why!

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