Testing Hashtags on Instagram – Part 2

Last month I blogged about testing out the hashtag algorithm theory that hashtags don’t actually make much of a difference to the visibility of your post. I don’t think a couple of weeks is quite long enough to say it is or isn’t a thing, but at two weeks, I can certainly blog about my findings so far. In general, I’ve seen an increase in views per post, but the most exciting thing is I can see a lot more interaction from followers and non-followers alike. While most bloggers probably count views or likes per post more than they do comments, I actually prefer interaction over views or likes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to see a blog post get thousands of likes (I’ve still yet to see that on this blog), but I’d rather have 20 comments.


So after two weeks, I can see an increase in activity on my blog. Whether or not this will improve or stagnate, it’s too soon to tell. It could just be that my content lately has been better than previous months, but I doubt that. I don’t go out of my way to choose specific content. I post on the fly when I see something that catches my eye, whether that be on Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram or even through google search. There is no set schedule or system for when I blog or what I blog, and that’s important to note.

I’ll revisit this post in another two weeks, and see what happens to my blog content. While I’m at it, I’ll make a note of follower count as well (not that this is a priority for me either), but it’s interesting to see if it drops or increases or does nothing at all.


Til next time, friends 😉

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