Question of the Day #3 – Writing Prompt

I’m really enjoying these questions as writing prompts. I actually think it’s really helping with my writing. So, onward with the next question (please feel free to comment on any of my questions)

Question of the Day – Do you follow or believe in any faith or religion?

***This post is not judging anyone for supporting or practising any particular faith. This is merely MY opinion, nothing more***

I was brought up a Catholic. My parents were different denominations, my father was a Presbyterian and my mother, a (non-practising) Roman Catholic. My mother was a devout Catholic when she lived in Germany and Holland. When she came to New Zealand, I think she found it harder to practice her faith and kind of let it go by the wayside after she met my dad. I don’t know if it was because of my dad or why she really let it go. I barely remember us going to church when I was a kid, we went a few times, but my Mum found it too hard and too emotional, so we stopped going. I remember going to Sunday school. I distinctly remember one thing from that period as a child, and that was that “if your cheeks went red when someone asked you a question, it meant you were lying”… that’s what I remember! Isn’t that the oddest thing? For some reason, it makes me smile because for the longest time growing up, I still thought that was actually true! I mean my Sunday school teacher would never lie, right? Now, I think I am as far away from religion as I could possibly be. I do not practice any faith, I actually consider myself agnostic. It’s not that I don’t believe in something, I think I do, I just couldn’t define what that was so that it made actual sense. For me, the religious experience is less “going to church and reading the bible” and more about having a profound and loving commitment to yourself and your loved ones. This is probably as close to religion as I will ever get as an adult and I am at peace with that. Of course, that doesn’t stop me from pondering the word of God. I’ve read the bible several times, and I’ve quietly asked questions to myself about faith or the lack of it. But I do not think anyone can tell you about faith and love of something deeper or having a higher consciousness without sounding a little strange. I believe each person has to follow their own path whether that be practising a particular faith or not. I don’t think you can call a person “spiritual” just because they go to church every Sunday and can recite scripture. I think your conscience has more of a sway over how you live than any particular “God” or omnipotent being. That’s not to say that being religious and practising a particular faith doesn’t have the same impact or value, I’m just saying that without religion, without faith, you can still be a “good” person.

What about you? What are your thoughts on religion or not following a faith? Let me know what you think in the comments. You can revisit all of the “Question of the Day” posts right here.


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