Question of the Day #5 – Writing Prompt

Question of the Day #5 – Do you like who you are as a person?

This may seem like an easy enough question to answer at first, but when you really sit down and think about it, you begin to understand how this question could require more consideration and a better answer than “Ugh, yeah, why wouldn’t I?” or “Of course I do!”But don’t get me wrong, this may be an easy question for you which is just great and if so, do let me know why or how you decided to answer ——–> in the comments 😉

Personally, I do actually feel pretty good about the person I am today. Trying not to compare yourself to anyone else (because that’s a pointless exercise unless you want to get frustrated and annoyed with yourself!), I think there are definitely things I could do better or improve on, but I suppose everyone could say that, right? Nobody is perfect (no, really) and discovering your flaws and working to improve oneself is all part of the journey of life we undertake every single day.

There, I did it ☺ – how did you get on? Did the question make you think even a little bit about the person you are? I hope so! And as always, feel free to share your thoughts on this question in the comments

Til next time, friends ☺



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