More edits to add to my ever-growing collection 🙂

I took a standee of Kylo Ren and made it look prettier. I searched high and low for this particular image so I could edit and enhance and increase it in size without losing quality, this one seemed to work perfectly!


And Captain Phasma whom I adore! Pity she had to lose in a fight to… Finn (don’t even get me started on this topic lol!) I’m still salty, but I’ll save it for a later blog post. Here she is in all her chromatic glory (edited by me, of course)




  1. Hi Xen, don’t get me started on favourite characters dying before their time….my favourite Qui-gon Jinn got beat by a guy that was only half the man Qui-gon was!
    Great edits once more.

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    1. Hi ya 😁 oh yes, I sometimes feel like I have to have a podcast just to voice my opinion on so many Star Wars topics 😃 hmm, maybe that wouldn’t be a bad idea 😄 I kinda dig Darth Maul being a dark side and all, but Qui Gon was awesome, not gonna lie. Thanks for the kind words and for dropping by 😁

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