QotD – Do you have a writing style?

So today’s question is for the writers out there because this is something that I’ve been thinking about for some time. I mean, how do you know if you have a particular writing “style?”

I think everyone has their own “voice” – not your actual speaking voice but your mind’s voice – the “little voice you hear inside your head” when you think about things, create things or do just about anything that requires thought. That voice inside your head is helping you make a decision about what you write, how you write and what you write about. But how do you know if this “voice” is working for you as a writer?

Do you have a writing “voice” and if so, what does it say?

I can’t answer that question because like any writer, I am my own worst critic🤣 but I see a lot of articles asking this question – what is YOUR writing style? Personally, I’ve always been a “fly-by-night” type of writer. I write when I feel motivated to write but I have started training myself to write through the times when I don’t (currently on my 69th day of writing according to WordPress) and I can say that its probably the best thing I’ve ever done as a writer.

I think it’s important to write when you have something of value to say, of course! But if your inner voice is always active, and you’re always thinking, shouldn’t those things be part of your writing process and wouldn’t that in turn create opportunities to write even more? Technically, it should. I think we just need to train ourselves to accept this is normal so we can then get into the habit of writing more often.

I think writing prompts and practicing your writing whether that be writing fiction, writing prose or poetry or even writing in a journal helps to acknowledge your writing “voice” and when you’re comfortable enough, you can call that your writing “style”. I know that writing when you feel like you have nothing to say is actually one of the best times to let your words flow.


2 thoughts on “QotD – Do you have a writing style?

  1. I’ve only been writing seriously for a couple of years so I feel like I’m still finding my ‘voice’ as a writer. At first my writing felt very forced, and when reading it back it didn’t sound anything like me. I’ve realised I’m a lot more comfortable with a less formal style of writing. It’s still a challenge for me to write every day, but it is getting a little easier.

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    1. That’s really great to hear James 🙂 I don’t know if it’s an easy thing or a hard thing to find your writer’s voice or style. I guess it’s different for all of us. I think you’re right about knowing when you feel comfortable with what you write. I was exactly the same when I started working on writing every day. But now, it seems to flow a lot easier than it did. Keep up the writing practice 🙂

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