Star Wars Edit – The Light, The Dark and The Balance

I was thinking about the light side the dark side and the balance when I made this GIF. I was actually prompted by something I saw on Tumblr, but I can’t remember what now 🙁 Sometimes my ideas for GIFs or edits come from other people’s work and other times, my ideas come from everyday life – movies, people, conversations, an ad I might see on the street, basically anywhere. Creativity IS everywhere if you just take the time to look! I am finding this is definitely true for me.

The GIF is nothing great, I just edited some HD quality images and sequenced them together on a timeline in Photoshop. I didn’t even want to create a GIF with these images initially and I put the edit away thinking I was done with it and picked it up again yesterday and voila! A new GIF was made 🙂


I decided to leave it without my watermark on it. If people are gonna claim it as their own, meh I can always prove it if I have to and besides, while I hate not getting credit for stuff I create, at least I know my GIFs are good enough that someone wants to claim them as their own 🤣🤣😂


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