I had a title for this post but it went bye bye…

I get most of my blog posts on the fly, that is, I don’t sit at my desk for weeks planning my blog posting strategy like a chess match. Some people might do this, and it might be really successful for them, but that’s not me. So quite a lot of the content I write is about my daily experiences – my feelings sometimes if I feel like blogging about them, or my thoughts on reading other people’s blogs and how it made me feel or think or react.

One of the most annoying things I think a person can do is judge someone else for what they write or confess or express or feel in their blog posts. You can do whatever you want in your blog post. It doesn’t matter if nobody reads it. What matters is that it’s yours and a part of you that you wish to share. Don’t ever feel like you require validation from a stranger for writing what you want to write.

That said, if you connect with what a person writes, why not leave a comment? You don’t have to but if you felt moved by something you read online, why not let the author know? I always try to do this everywhere I go. If someone on my Instagram leaves a comment, I almost always reply unless I miss it somehow (I don’t have alerts set up for notifications). I personally think that interaction is vital in any relationship, why would it be any different online?

My blog may not be popular, but I feel good when I post something that means something to me. Nobody can take that away from you.

I started this blog post all fired up by something I read and look how that just dissipated into words I didn’t even plan to write. Your writing is alive, it is created and exists because its a part of you. I do my best never to forget that. How do you pay respect to your art?

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