Poster Final Proof – Graphic Design Part IV

If you’re still following my little journey down the Graphic Design rabbit hole, you’ll know that I’ve recently started studying Graphic Design for beginners through a UDEMY course online. As I’ve had time to work through the first part of this course and complete example work or “proofs” as they’re called in the biz,😁 I’ve also spent a little time looking around for other classes or learning paths. I actually forgot all about PHLEARN which is yet another way to learn Photoshop techniques that can be applied to just about anything including Graphic Design. I’ve also found a heap of great resource websites and one particularly cool Graphic Designer that I discovered reading articles on Medium.

This guy is the real deal, and he is currently earning NZD 15,000.00 a month for the work that he does. What’s most inspiring to me is not that he is making wads of cash but that he is a real-world example of someone I can look up to as he lives and works in my home town.😁 What this means for me at least, is that it’s possible to make an excellent living from doing Graphic Design as a freelancer, even in my country. And that is my ultimate end game plan; to be working from home and earning money as a freelance journalist/editor/designer. My ideas may be big but I think dreams are meant to be followed and it’s something I am very passionate about.

So, to finish off, I just wanted to show you all the final proofs I did of the previous poster (the first proofs were examples of what not to do apparently), but I didn’t know that until I finished this section of the course lol 😁😂

Annnyway here they are. In the first image, obviously the layer colour has changed to a much nicer, prettier blue from the purple and the gross green wedge at the bottom has also gone:


And finally, my last proof using a slightly brighter blue colour layer but I’ve added texture to the background with a texture brush so that the background doesn’t look so bland or flat:

POSTER 11X17 V3.jpg

6 thoughts on “Poster Final Proof – Graphic Design Part IV

  1. Hi Xen,

    It’s always tricky getting text to show up on a background image. And you can find a lot more of those texture brushes that you can download and install into Photoshop on sites like Deviantart. I got a few brush packs for GIMP along with some Fractal Art image packs.

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    1. I’ve only just started using brushes but so many people swear they are awesome to use. I haven’t learned how to make my own yet, but it’s on my list 😁 And yeah, I think topography is the hardest thing so far. Text can make or break a good design


      1. Hello again, the brushes are awesome to use but I found the Fractal Packs to be even more fun to play around with. Now I am by no means an artist but I tried my hand at doing a bit of art last year which is when I discovered those packs. You can see my efforts in this post:

        The image that looks like a 1970’s sci-fi novel book cover was made using several layers of transparent Fractal Patterns (with varying opacities).

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