Star Wars Edits – Star Wars – Jedi Fallen Order

So the news about Star Wars – Jedi Fallen Order, the new game coming out this year is doing the rounds on social media so I thought I’d jump on the hype train and contribute an edit. The original image is from Carl Milner’s blog with animation by me, what do you think?

Edited Image:


And my animation:

JEDIFALLENORDER (1200px, 25fps).gif

4 thoughts on “Star Wars Edits – Star Wars – Jedi Fallen Order

    1. I haven’t really looked at it much other than I know its another EA venture with ReSpawn. I don’t usually play single player games, but if the story is really good, I might make an exception and it looks like this game is going to be pretty cool to play. So I am getting hyped now 🙂 plus who can ignore a Star Wars game? Lol, not me… it’s Star Wars afterall 🙂

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    1. I don’t normally play single player games, I just prefer MMORPGs more but I will make an exception for excellence 😀 plus it’s EA and I know a lot of gamers don’t like them, but I was involved in the gaming industry as a freelance journalist and all the people at EA were great so I just can’t not like them lol – and yes, THIS GAME LOOKS SO DAMN good, can’t wait to play it tbh. Have you see any of the footage from Star Wars 1313? That game will blow your mind it looked so epic and I can’t believe they never made it 😦


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