STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2019 Part 1 – I am blogging my way through it!

It is 3.33 am Saturday morning in my country, and I am up at my desk tapping away on the keyboard because of Star Wars. Well, I’m really only staying up because they should be announcing the title of the last Star Wars movie Episode IX AND hopefully, showing us the first teaser trailer for it.

This is as epic as it gets living all the way down here in New Zealand. I really should have planned for Star Wars Celebration, but I’ll be going to Galaxy’s Edge all things going to plan so that should tie me over until 2020 🙂

I also made another Kylo Ren edit using some of the new techniques I picked up on my PS designer course. For the longest time I never knew that you could increase an image without distorting it by using smart objects… 😂🤣 seriously, how silly did I feel not knowing that. But I do now, and my editing knows no bounds:

Here’s a HUGE Kylo Ren image I edited and resized earlier today. I think I have a thing for showing half the face on my edits lol, I don’t know why that is or where it came from but I love it, and it looks particularly lovely in black and white. If you’re wondering, the original image dimensions were 361 x 558 pixels, and the quality is still really good right?


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