Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Enamel Pins and possible spoiler?!

This morning’s article reading yielded some great Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker content including these enamel pins by Loungefly which were leaked by Carl Milner over at Milners Blog.

What do you think of them? Will you be buying or ordering any? I LOVE the Kylo Ren pin and this one in particular which depicts a scene perhaps from the movie (it’s not confirmed that this is indeed a TRoS leak so don’t panic) – BUT of course, to speculate is to be normal 🤣 – for me anyway! It shows Kylo and Rey in battle surrounded by water – COULD IT BE THAT KYLO AND REY HAVE THEIR FINAL SHOWDOWN IN THE PARTIALLY SUBMERGED DEATH STAR????? Oh My GOSH just think about that for a minute!!! THAT would be sooooo AMAZINGGG right?


And my personal favourite pin that shows Kylo Ren’s shattered helmet now repaired with GLOWING RED something – we don’t know how the helmet was fixed but I guess that it’s some form of Red Kyber crystal in liquid form – I mean wouldn’t that make complete sense? Maybe not lol 🤣😁😭


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