The Sith Code Redesign – Part II

Carrying on from where I left off yesterday with my redesign effort on this original Etsy poster, I realised as I was changing elements of the image that it wasn’t centred! Not only that, but the text used in this image was “bleeding” into a double-up effect almost like looking at something with “double vision”. In other words, this image wasn’t very well-made, not in my humble opinion anyway.

The poster was initially found on Etsy which means someone created it with the intent to sell it. I didn’t bother looking at the price, and I am nobody to comment on another artist’s work, but if this were my work, I wouldn’t be trying to sell it in the state that I found it. For me, the image would be more like a “draft” version or a “mock-up” at best.

So, I spent some time altering things in the poster, mostly the text and trying different things like a different font and colours to see what worked well and what didn’t. I also spent some time reading about Typography and “font moods”, and font pairing and I applied this newfound information into my redesign.

The Original image – if you look closely you can see the text is not centred correctly, and the font does nothing at all for the image above it. As a still image, the Sith insignia is eye-catching but turning it into a GIF would do two things; it would improve the visibility of the image making it even more eye-catching but it would also bring the text of the image into focus more as well. And as it was, the text was not doing the job.


The first edit where only the GIF was added to the image and the text was left alone. It just didn’t look right to me, so I continued to edit the image further.


Edit number two – in an attempt to make the text more eye-catching, I changed the fonts and colours as well as the image dimensions, but still, it didn’t look right. I later discovered the image was not centred and neither was the text. If you look at where my guide lines are in this image, you can see how it’s not centred correctly on the canvas.


So I went back to Photoshop for more editing and created this image below which still didn’t feel right. The GIF was fine and pretty, but the text always bugged me, so I edited again.

SITHCODEEDIT00 (1200px, 25fps)

Edit number three – this is the edited text and font only where I’ve tried to create a better font pairing as well as set the correct “mood” for the poster. Since this is the Sith Code, the text had to be bold and a little daring but formal at the same time. I later decided that the other font I used had to go because it wasn’t setting the right mood.


But I still wasn’t convinced the red text looked right, so I edited the colour of the text to an orange shade taken from the image itself:


And finally, this is the last edit I did where I kept the font the same but changed the stroke, and I like this one the best, so I’ll be animating it tomorrow before I post it to Social Media. What do you think is the better version? Do you think I made improvements or made the design worse? Was it really an awesome poster all along and I just got it really wrong? Feel free to comment please, I am eager to see what other people think about my newbie design projects 😁




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