Imitation is the sincerest form of disrespect

Is imitation the sincerest form of disrespect?

I saw this while I was pinning pins on Pinterest and it struck a chord with me, especially since I do this very thing!

Am I being disrespectful to the artists I admire and the artists that inspire me by using their work or methods to create?

I find this statement is the very opposite of what I try to do with my creations. I feel quite incensed by this actually. I am at work right now and can only post this really quickly but I’d love to hear your thoughts, even if you agree 😁

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I think Darius meant stealing someone else’s art and calling it your own is theft and I entirely agree. For example, if someone took something I did online and enhanced it while giving me credit (a very important thing to mention) I would be totally fine with this. But I’ve gone onto websites and other people’s Instagram accounts and I’ve seen something I created with someone else’s name on it 😟 It got so bad that I had to stop going on Instagram because every other day I would see my art without credit or with someone else’s name on it. It can be most disheartening 😕

Pirating someone’s work and taking credit for it is a no-no. Acknowledging the author/artist and then creating your own twist on it…that’s fine. Heck, I’ve been writing fanfiction for years. It may be imitating the worlds of George Lucas and JK Rowling but I do credit them for sparking my creativity.

That’s terrible to find your own art misused by other people. On one hand the internet is the only place you can get this kind of publicity while at the same time, anyone can pirate it off you.

Is there a way you can protect your work from being ripped by others?