Design Tuts Plus Tutorial – Glowing Text Tutorial – Edit A Day

Part of my online time is spent finding resource sites for Graphic Design and I’ve come across some really good ones that I thought I’d share. If they have tutorials, I often try things out just to see how easy it is to learn from the tutorial. I also figured since I’m actually creating something from someone else’s instruction, I might as well rate it as well, so I’m going to start doing that with every new thing I learn online.

Here’s a simple glowing text tutorial that I just finished, it took around an hour for me (this is time I enjoy so I could easily spend all night creating stuff), but if you’re more skilled in Photoshop, it might take you less time to complete it.

How to Create a Neon Glow in the Dark Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop


Time: An hour

Level: I’d say probably beginner level, the tutorial is very detailed

Comment: I enjoyed this tutorial but there is a step they didn’t add which is to add a saturation and vibrance adjustment layer to the image (this makes the colours “pop” a little more)

Rating: 7.5/10

My edit – what do you think? Does it “pop” enough?


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