Fear and Doubt are both partners and enemies of the creative

I’m a terrible person for doubting myself. At work, I do this a lot, and it’s one of my worst habits. I actually think it stems from having a lot of self-doubts growing up and having a parent that didn’t know how to accept whatever I did as good enough. Not that I am here to blame my past or my parentage, but it’s gotta come from somewhere, right? I wasn’t born with self-doubt, it is something that developed as I evolved and grew within my environment, and my childhood was not the best. Surely not the worst, but a long way from being ideal.

And this is how I get inspiration for my posts, mucking around on Tumblr and Pinterest and coming across posts that are awesome purely by chance, not having a plan, just reading and experiencing. It’s amazing what you can get from a single quote:

Image Credit: Pinterest

I mean, why you should fear what people will do or will think of what you do or create or say or write? Maybe this is the reason why so many people have taken to expressing themselves online because it removes the face-to-face fear of having to look at someone’s face after you’ve said something or created something. If it’s out there, people can comment, people can respond, sure, but for one brief moment, you’re safe. And if the words and thoughts of strangers scare you, you can even opt to forgo discussion altogether by removing comments.

My point is I don’t want to let my self-doubt affect what I do as a creative person. It’s one thing I’m actually good at and enjoy at the same time, and I don’t want anyone to take that away from me. Does that sound selfish? Maybe a little, but everyone is allowed to have that one thing they feel inspired to do and feel good about, and some people are nothing at all without it. So I’m going to choose to do what I love without fear or self-doubt. Who knows how far that could take me …or you, or anyone.

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