To write is to heal…

I started an “edit a day”, but then I decided that I what I really wanted to do was mix writing in with my art and photoshop tutorial reviews, and I feel pleased about that. I actually feel a lot happier than I’ve felt in a long time on a creative level. But I am going to use some of my time to write about my feelings because while I might write poetry and attempt to write short stories, almost all of it is based on fiction. As I mentioned in an earlier post, a lot of what I write mixes both fantasy and reality. I like to write this way because I find it a lot easier. I don’t know why I just do. I also need to vent since I’ve stopped blogging about work, it’s quite surprising how feelings can get really pent up inside when you’re not expressing them.

I never really use a lot of my writing time to actually write about what makes me the writer that I am or what burns deeply in my soul or what keeps me up at night. I am going to try and do this more often, but for now, I think I’ll write about my emotions whenever I feel the need and go from there.

WORDS7.pngThis topic was going to be part of a separate post, but I realised it’s something that really grinds my gears so I’m going to mention it briefly and then move on. So, bloggers who like to say “do this” or “do that, and if you follow in my footsteps, you’ll be just as successful”. I have a problem with these types of posts, and that is that I’ve tested this and found that this blogger didn’t live up to what they blogged about to their readers. So if you are the type of blogger that likes to dish out advice wrapped up in lies to gain followers, shame on you!

Okay, now that’s out of the way…

While reading about how to write flash fiction, I also came across multiple sites for writing six-word stories I think they’re called? The object obviously to write a story in six words. I’ve read some pretty amazing ones and some funny and weird ones too. So I might start doing one of these every now and then, again with the intent to challenge myself and improve.



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