I’m going home after work and I’m so excited because I’m starting a new fanfic

I’ve been mucking around with ideas for a week or so now but I’ve got my list down to two that I really want to write and they’re not Star Wars related!!! I know, right? WTF is going on 🤣

Actually, I think it’s good to get a fandom break every now and then even if it’s writing fanfic about other things.

Do I want to write it here or on Wattpad? I don’t know yet… what do you suggest? Anyone writing fanfic out there hit me up in the comments please! 😁

2 thoughts on “I’m going home after work and I’m so excited because I’m starting a new fanfic

    1. Oh great! Are you writing about the Star Wars universe or something different? Yeah, I’ve been told to use Wattpad, AO3 and fanfiction.net but it only adds to my procrastination. Some writers have problems getting ideas for their writing, I don’t have that issue. My issue is actually writing lol. I get two chapters done or whatever and then I freeze up. I also have this stupid thing where my muses change so often, I end up never finishing what I start… I have so many unfinished short stories where I just lost interest and started something else. It’s so annoying.


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