Good news, I can still write about Star Wars!

In my previous post, I talked about whether or not I would be able to continue writing about Star Wars on this blog. To be honest, I was quite concerned about this because writing about how I feel about a galaxy far, far away is really what this site was made for. Next, to writing about being a writer and the writing process, Star Wars is a massive part of my life. It has given me purpose when I felt lost during darker times in my life, and I know how dramatic that sounds, but it’s true. Being a fan of Star Wars has given me a way to accept who I am, nerdiness and all.

So I’m feeling good right now. I’ve started writing again, really writing and soon, I’ll have my first byline on a site dedicated to Star Wars that gets a lot more attention than this one, and that’s a big deal for me. Once my byline is up, I’ll officially announce the site I’m writing for, you know, just in case anyone is interested in dropping by 🙂

I’ve also had one other opportunity present itself but I don’t know how that’ll pan out just yet. It’s not exactly a writing position, but it’s closer to the kind of job I’d like to be doing with the added bonus of working from home. So we’ll see how that turns out and whether or not I qualify to go through to the next recruitment stage.

The NZIFF (New Zealand International Film Festival) has started here and as an avid (really really avid) film buff, I am trying to get through a movie marathon of 11 movies in two weeks. So I’m a really busy bee. It honestly feels really good.

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