The Rise of Skywalker Fan Made Poster

As with any Star Wars movie, there is a lot of speculation about who the “skywalker” is in the title that will be “rising”. Many say it’s still Rey, despite the fact that she still hasn’t been proven to be of Skywalker lineage. According to many rumours and speculation on Reddit, fans there say that her lineage will be revealed in the last film. Okay but what if she isn’t the “skywalker” that’s rising, what if it’s Kylo Ren. Now that would make sense because unlike Rey, his lineage is part of the reason why he fell to the dark side to begin with. So maybe, just maybe, the skywalker in the title is Kylo Ren rising to prominence over the Galaxy.

Either way, this fan seems to think Kylo Ren is the Skywalker that is spoken of in the title for the movie. Here’s a poster they created to support that theory:

star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-fan-poster-by-max-beech (1).jpg

Image via Milner’s Blog – Art is by Max Beech – so what do you think? Do you think this could very well be the right Skywalker that rises in Episode IX? I am SO excited for this if that’s the case!

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