Just so that you know I am still alive…

So for the last week or so I’ve been going straight to bed from work trying to get over this horrible flu. Everyone in my team has had it, and some people have had more than a week off work. So I haven’t been writing or doing much of anything during this time, and I am only starting to feel slightly better.

I thought I’d edit a poster for something different to do and not about Star Wars. Spider-Man Far From Home released recently, and I really love this poster of Tom Holland, so I decided to edit it and remove the text to make it textless. I also edited the colours, brightness and a few other things to make the colour more vibrant and more aesthetically pleasing for Instagram. What d’ya think?

Here’s the original image:


And my edit:


I am hoping to be back to my usual, creative self soon. A warm welcome to my new followers and an “I’ll be back soon” to all my friends and supporters 😊

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