Star Wars A New Hope Animated Poster

The new Star Wars posters have finally arrived in semi-HD quality, and after looking at the image for Star Wars A New Hope (also in my favourite colour, purple!), I really wanted to add a few animations to it to see what it would look like.

I am pretty happy with the end result, I think it looks quite pretty – what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Star Wars A New Hope Animated Poster

  1. Hello there, if you wait till December (around the fourth I think) then you can activate a special WordPress Snow Effect on your blog. You get snowfall on all your pages over the festive period. Kinda fun!
    And regards the image, that purple colour may have a significant meaning by the end of the saga – if there is to be balance between the light and dark sides of the Force then the red and blue associated with those factions may blend together making…purple!

  2. Hello again, you might not know but it was theorised that Mace Windu had a purple bladed saber because he used both Light and Dark Force powers and techniques so his saber (which had a special crystal as well) had a purple blade mixing the blue and red most associated with light and dark sides. Of course Samual L/Jackson just wanted a saber that would stand out visually from everyone else’s during the big fight scene in the Geonosis Arena during Attack of the Clones!

    1. Yeah, I knew that about Mace Windu. It’s the same for Darth Revan which is why one of his lightsabers also has a purple kyber crystal. There is also the colour blending of red and blue which of course makes purple and red is typically synonymous with the dark side of the force and blue with the light 🙂