I haven’t talked about Star Wars in a while…

A strange thing happened to me. I stopped writing about Star Wars here. I don’t quite know why that happened, but I guess it had something to do with the emotional rollercoaster I experienced recently. I felt utterly overwhelmed. I have felt this before about other things (like my day job), but I never thought I would feel it about Star Wars. It was like something inside me just snapped, and I needed time away from the thing that I love.

My other blog has helped a lot with my focus. I have been trying to focus on other things as I have set myself some personal goals for the remainder of the year and for 2020. Assuming all things go to plan, I will be working from home again, doing what I love. But that’s still a goal to achieve, I am slowly pressing forward towards this.

And so far, I have discovered a few hard truths about myself. One of those things relates to Star Wars. Star Wars will always be a part of my life, but for me to achieve what is truly in my heart of hearts, I have to focus hard on working towards this goal and spending less time on social media.

I am still writing for Dork Side of the Force but I have filtered those posts down as well. I was blogging every week, but now I am focusing more on writing, book reviews and getting back to copywriting/editing and proofing. These are the things I used to do when I worked as an editor and freelance writer. A part of me can’t believe I ever gave up these things in the first place. But there is no point crying over spilt milk. What’s done is done. I can only move forward.

I’ll still be making edits and posting those here and writing about Star Wars when I can. This website is a huge part of who I am and I will never stop updating it. Speaking of edits, here are a few animations I made recently:

Dark Side Rey by Rory Kurtz


The Mandalorian by Darren Tibbles

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