The State of the Star Wars fandom 2019

/rant on

I’ve seen a lot of stuff that I don’t agree with on social media lately, more so than usual and I just can’t let it slide. I don’t begrudge a person their own choices and what they do or don’t support / ship or otherwise in any fandom, but it annoys me when people start being mean and ugly about it.

I know people get angry because let’s face it, Star Wars is serious business to a lot of people, including myself, but I didn’t sign up for pettiness or hate or flame-wars or trolling. And yes, you can block people, but you can’t block an entire fandom, and that’s pretty much how things are right now.

As an example, the hate going around about John Boyega. Here’s a little tidbit, I don’t actually like John Boyega all that much, and I’ve never liked Finn – yes, it’s true! But the stuff people are saying about him because he decided to take a stand and voice his true feelings about The Last Jedi is just wrong. You don’t get to stan someone one day and then rip them apart on social media the next just because they disagree with your views on Star Wars. He’s allowed to say what he wants, just as you are but hate him because he did? Wow, such a fickle bunch you are.


Just remember that being famous doesn’t make you any less human. When a celebrity looks in the mirror, they see the same thing you do, a person, a human being, someone with feelings and thoughts all their own. How about you start acting like a decent human being who also has feelings and ideas and treat him and anyone else the same way you would want to be treated yourself! Also, what would your parents say about your hatred and vitriol? Nothing good, I expect.

I know my father would be turning in his grave right about now at all the bullshit that goes on in the Star Wars fandom today. The landscape has changed with social media and new technology and all that but seriously, when and why did people forget to be nice?

You guys hurt me, you really, really do.

/rant off

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