Ben Solo and Rey “Broken Pieces” Animation and edits

I have spent a lot of time creating graphics, edits, GIFs etc since seeing The Rise of Skywalker so I’ll be uploading them all here. I’ve had to start adding watermarks to the GIFs I make again because I’ve seen way too many of the edits I’ve made credited to someone else. I just know that is what will keep happening until I start using a deterrent so back to adding watermarks, sigh.

Here’s an edit I just made, and I actually quite like this one:

When I look at myself all I see is you

Made by Star Wars Creative

And other edits I made using the same images using lyrics from a song I really like that kind of speaks to me regarding Rey and Ben/Kylo Ren’s complicated relationship. The song is “Broken Pieces” by Apocalyptica






4 thoughts on “Ben Solo and Rey “Broken Pieces” Animation and edits

  1. Hi there JulieG, unfortunately such is the way of the Internet and people “borrowing” other folk’s work. About three years back I realised that one of my images had been used as an asset for an online Star Wars themed RPG site but the person did provide a link to my site with that picture which was nice, but when a Wallpaper Download site took an image and just used it I started adding my FT Editions markings. I try to make the markings subtle so as not to destroy the image but at the same time make them difficult to remove should anyone try.
    But these images you have posted are worth protecting as best you can…they really are fantastic – those quotes sum up the characters brilliantly.

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    1. Hi FT 🙂 Thank You so much for you kind words 🙂 I noticed a lot of people just taking images some time ago and that is one of the reasons why I stopped making my own edits. Some people are just so mean and disrespectful but it’s really kind of what you’d expect these days. So I just made it a rule that if I make anything myself I’ll be watermarking it and that includes GIFs as well. That is so crappy what happened to you! I know how much work you put into your images and renders – it’s just so annoying that we have to even do this when we create something and I don’t even do this for a living! I can’t imagine how those artists must feel when they see their work without credit. So yeah, my new rule going forward is to watermark whatever I make 🙂

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      1. No problem, and if it is any consolation I have noticed a slight dip in the number of times my images appear elsewhere. There are still some but they still have my marks on. (And I know what a pain adding watermarks to a GIF can be all those layers need to be marked before you optimise and save the animation if I recall correctly – I made a few in GIMP)

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      2. You can add the watermark easily to all the frames at once in Photoshop but no matter how inconspicuous you make it, it’s still a tarnished image. My Gifs and edits always seem to get a lot more likes, reposts and reblogs without a watermark 😕


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