Update – there was no alternate ending and Juan Bautista was not a Knight of Ren

Yesterday I posted a clip about the alternate ending to The Rise of Skywalker. The video clip showing the interview with the actor who played one of the Knights of Ren has now been made private on YouTube so nobody can publicly view it. When something like this happens in the fandom, it’s usual to assume that the owner or creator of the clip has either received a warning from official sources (aka Disney) to remove the clip, or something isn’t right about the content.

On Tumblr and Twitter, it has been rumoured that the dude in the clip claiming he played one of the Knights of Ren was, in fact, lying. Not only was he lying, but the name that he used is nowhere to be found anywhere in listings for the actors who played The Knights of Ren. Turns out this whole thing was just one big fat lie!

Made by Darkside Creative

Unless of course, this is just a way for Disney to take the heat off the fact that there actually was an alternate ending and they just don’t want people blogging about it, talking about it and/or GIFFING about it anywhere.

Whatever you believe, this is precisely why fandoms can be irritating. And when something as big as Star Wars is on everyone’s minds, there’s bound to be just as many trolls diverting fans from the truth. And this is also why some people decide to take a year off from the fandoms that they hate love.

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