The Rise of Skywalker Alternate Ending Comic

With so much discourse in the Star Wars fandom of late, some fans are turning to talented artists and writers to change the fate of Rey and Ben. It’s not surprising that so many fans were left broken-hearted after The Rise of Skywalker ending nor is it surprising that they are turning to art as a way of dealing with it. I prefer this method myself, over abusing and harassing Star Wars directors and writers but each fan has their own way of coping. It’s not always the right way to cope but I’m not judging. As a creative person, I choose writing and art over social media commentary.

Here’s a beautiful little comic I found on Tumblr by artist zanephiri who has uploaded the comic to their account on DeviantArt in PDF format for people to enjoy. I thought I’d share this with you all and show a few of the panels that I like. Enjoy!





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