Double Light Effect in Photoshop

To test out my new Wacom tablet, I decided to use a new effect I haven’t used before on an edit. While I am still getting used to changing options using a pen rather than a mouse, the actual “drawing” part is so much easier using the pen and the tablet. I don’t know why I didn’t upgrade sooner but now I’m hoping I can churn out edits faster than I used to!

Here is a Kylo Ren edit I made some time ago which I’ve used again just for this effect. While it’s not exactly a perfect balance of colour, that’s most likely to do with the image’s default resolution rather than the effect not working as intended. I was trying to test out the tablet as soon as possible and didn’t want to waste time making a completely different edit.

Edit One using Green

Created by Darkside Creative

And the second edit using Blue

Created by Darkside Creative

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