Character Profile – Jedi Master An’ya Kuro

I thought about making this a regular article post when I discover new characters of the Star Wars expanded universe. I found this character purely by chance as I was researching star wars books related to this book which I wrote about some time ago. That led me to this comic book series which I discovered on a french Star Wars fansite.

The “Dark Woman” Jedi Master An’ya Kuro appears in the Dark Horse Star Wars comic Star Wars Tales #1. In the panel below, she is talking to Darth Vader who has been sent by The Emperor AKA Darth Sidious to kill her. This event occurs after a visit from Mara Jade, who is acting as the “Emperor’s Hand” as a spy.

An'ya Kuro Jedi Master

An’ya Kuro was a well-known Jedi Master amongst the Jedi Order at the time. She was mostly known as a Jedi who had great Jedi abilities including the ability to Teleport. One of her padawans was Aurra Sing.

You can read more about her here.