Ben Solo, Blue Butterflies and the World Between Worlds

Ben Solo and Blue Butterflies?

So my first Star Wars post about Ben Solo has to be about the Blue Butterfly movement. If you are not sure what this is, you’re not alone. I first saw this on social media a couple of weeks ago and I didn’t know what it was. This article here by Nerdist talks about it in detail and the origins of the “Ben Solo Blue Butterfly” fan theory.

This was then linked to artists creating images of Ben Solo surrounded by blue butterflies.

Ben Solo and the World Between Worlds fan theory

The idea of Ben Solo waiting for Rey in the World Between Worlds has been around in the fandom for some time. With some fans taking to Photoshop to prove their loyalty to Ben Solo and to the fan theory. This heavily photo-shopped image below is just one of dozens of images that Star Wars fans have posted on social media.

I do not know who created this image and was unable to find any reference to it via Google image search but it helped to fuel the fire of the popular fan theory. The image is not the best quality either. When I uploaded this to my Instagram account however, it became one of the most popular posts I’ve had with more than 34 thousand views and two thousand plus likes:

Ben Solo Fake Poster Artist Unknown
Edited by Darkside Creative

And then I did a thing with the poster and added some animation to it:

Ben Solo World Between Worlds
Animated by Darkside Creative

It’s a lovely fan theory, much nicer than a lot of the fan debates surrounding The Rise of Skywalker and I am choosing to promote the positive ones. No negativity on my blog, thank you!

So let this post bring you a little happiness. Or at least I hope my post puts a smile on your face 🙂

More to come in my next post tomorrow. Stay safe my friends!

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