30 Days of Photoshop Layers and Layer Masks – Day Three

30 Days of Photoshop with Aaron Nace of Phlearn is going well, and we’re into day three now where we are going to learn all about Layers and Layer Masks.

Aaron divided the video into six separate areas for learning each technique:

  1. Standard Layers where we learned the difference between different types of layers you can create
  2. Blending modes where we learned how to blend the different layers together to create something new. We also learned about changing colour where we learned how to change the colours of anything in a layer independently of the rest of the image
  3. Duplication where we learned how to duplicate anything in an image realistically (using the Warp tool) and how to use this tool to create something in an image
  4. The Text tool was number four and we learned how to add simple text to an image, in this case, the sample image of the citrus fruit
  5. How to use Clipping Masks was number five where we learned how to create a clipping mask and how this can impact the layers below it
  6. And finally, layer organisation where we learned how to use the group function to keep all of our related image layers together. This makes it much easier for revisiting the image should you need to for whatever reason and it makes it easier if you’re sending your PSD file off to another person to use

As always, you are provided with the sample images and the PSD if you need it (it’s great for beginners, but the whole object of learning is that you create your own!) We turned this sample image of fruit:

Layers and Masks

Into this with added fruit, text, blend modes, clipping masks and even shadow effects on the image to make it look more realistic:


If you liked this tutorial review, feel free to check out the other two in the series – Day One and Day Two. For more tutorials, please follow me!

And as always, be safe out there, my friends and keep creating!

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