30 Days of Photoshop Day Five – Selections

Today we are going to be learning all about Selections which is one of my favourite things to do in Photoshop. I enjoyed this tutorial a whole lot because Aaron introduced me to a completely different method of creating and using selections in Photoshop. Hopefully, you’ll get as much out of this tutorial as I did!

To start off you will be using this sample image (included in the tutorial)

Selections Example
Source Phlearn

With this image, you will learn how to create a basic selection using several different tools including the Lasso tool and the Marquee tool. You will also learn how to use Select and Mask from the Selections menu. This function was added to Photoshop some time ago but if you’re using an older version, you may need to revert to Quick selection instead.

Aaron’s method is using a combination of inverted masks, selection tools and select and mask. Combining these tools creates an all-round beautiful selection for removing subjects from an image. As with everything in Photoshop, however, there are many ways to skin a cat and this is just one of them.

If you find your method is a lot easier to use, there is absolutely no reason to use a different method to the one you’re familiar with. I enjoy doing these tutorials because they can give you a completely new outlook or understanding of the tools you may already be familiar with.

For the final selection method, Aaron showed us how to use the shape tool to select specific parts of an image, for example, the lips, and how to edit the selected area. We added a nice shade of pink to the subject’s lips and we brightened up the eyes a lot as well to turn this image into a stunning example of how to edit and improve an image using the selection tool.

And lastly, we had some fun with the Gradient tool (also another favourite tool of mine) where Aaron showed how easy it is to create a selection out of just about anything including text. And by adding a simple gradient to the text, you can create an interesting text effect in a matter of minutes:

Selections Are Great
Created by Darkside Creative

And the before and after images in a slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Until my next tutorial, stay safe out there my friends and keep creating!

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