Adobe Create “Hope” Graphic – Photoshop Tutorial Review

My post today is a little later than I’d like because I spent so much time perfecting the selections I made for this graphic. It’s entirely my fault, I am way too much of a perfectionist, and it impacts all my creativity.

On the plus side though, I am pleased with how this graphic turned out, and I am hoping to make it into a Star Wars graphic later on tonight.

The tutorial isn’t really a tutorial. It’s basically three steps outlined by someone at Adobe advising you to take their sample images, cut them out as selections and then add them to a composite image. Tweaks for proportions and size follow straight after.

The final step is adding typography to turn the image into a poster, but I preferred to make the image much smaller for social media and for this blog. Large images are really nice when they don’t eat up bandwidth and add to your blogs’ overall image capacity.

I saw the image and loved it from the start, and I really liked the message the graphic sends as well, particularly during such troubled times in the world.

So this is my little gift to you all, my friends, people who follow this blog and enjoy what I make. Thank you for your continued support.

Hope Graphic Edit
Created by Darkside Creative

I won’t summarise the tutorial because it was really very brief, but I had a great time making this.

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. And as always, keep creating, and I’ll catch you in the next post!

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