House Atreides GIFs and Graphics!

I have had some fun this morning creating different variations of GIFs and graphics from some PNG images I created earlier when making this. I then went online and found that someone had created a House Atreides coat of arms which I then “borrowed” and cut out into a different image.

From that point on it was easy peasy creating different variations of the emblem (the Red Hawk) and the House Atreides colours (which are black and green). I made changes here and there and finally decided on the following graphics as final images for uploading here:

Paul Atredies House Atredies GIF
Created by Darkside Creative

The variation I made was, in the end, tossed aside for the image above. Still, I originally started out with creating a different Coat of Arms for House Atreides and ended up removing the shield altogether. I really liked the blending edit I made of Paul though and somehow wanted to integrate that into my final image which also didn’t happen.

House Atreides GIF First Edition
Created by Darkside Creative

So I just kept the graphic instead without the GIF added to it:

Paul Atreides House Atreides
Created by Darkside Creative

I’ve also watermarked all my images. I just think it’s easier for me to identify when someone has taken my edits and claimed them as their own when they can’t see the watermark. It’s sneaky but a necessity these days, unfortunately.

Let me know what you think of my edits in the comments if you like, and as always stay safe and keep creating!

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