The “Rim Light” Movie Effect – Tutorial Review


Today’s tutorial review is from a new Photoshop channel that I haven’t used before on YouTube. I decided to review this tutorial because the tutor is using one of Lisa Carney’s techniques.

Lisa Carney (to those who don’t know), is someone I aspire to a great deal. She is known for her work on movie posters for blockbusters such as Spiderman Far From Home. She’s just really well-known in the industry, and I like her style and technique. If you’re at all interested in Lisa’s work, you can check out her portfolio right here.

So the tutorial today is by Photoshop Guru Jesús Ramirez. His style of teaching is a little faster than some tutors, but he gets to the point and doesn’t waste any time, which is always good when you’re learning something new.

The “Rim Effect” technique is used by designers like Lisa Carney to add mood and effect to an image by using the highlights, mid-tones and shadows. There are a lot of steps involved in creating the final effect but it is so worth it.

You begin with a basic PSD which you will edit to create the final effect. Here are my before and after images. You can also change the effect completely from warm to cooler shades depending on what you want to create:

Final Summary


YouTube Channel:

Time: Around 17 minutes

Level: Intermediate. While the tutor is very detailed with his steps, you will need to have an understanding of layer masks, clipping masks, adjustment layers and selections to understand this tutorial well enough to follow at the tutor’s pace

Comment: The tutor was great and I’ll definitely be doing more of his tutorials in the future. It’s always a good sign if I want to return to this YouTube channel so I’d say definitely give the Photoshop Training Channel a try if you’re keen to learn.

Rating: 10/10

As always, stay safe out there, keep creating and I’ll see you in the next tutorial review

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