26 Blu-Ray Disks of 4K Resolution Star Wars? Yes, Please!

Just a quick post to talk about the 26-disc Limited Edition 4K release of The Skywalker Saga on Blu-Ray.

The Skywalker Saga is MINE!

I debated about buying this for a while before I actually committed and bought it yesterday. And trust me, you do NOT want to know how much it cost.

I will probably wake up in a nightmarish sweat tonight dreaming about it 🤣

If ever there was a time for me to say I am a ridiculously huge fan of Star Wars, that time is now.

May The Force Be With You… and hopefully, also with my bank account 😆

What huge purchase have you made as a Star Wars fan, or a fan of any franchise? Let me know in the comments!

Stay safe and well my friends and I’ll catch you in the next one!

12 thoughts on “26 Blu-Ray Disks of 4K Resolution Star Wars? Yes, Please!

      1. They are still at my parents’ house somewhere… When I moved out, I could only bring so many Star Wars things with me lol. I played with them a lot, so they are not exactly in “collectible” condition, but yes, they may be worth something!

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      2. Well there is a lot of money in collection if you know how to sell. I started collecting pop vinyls and then I realised how many of them I wouldn’t be able to get access to being located in New Zealand and kind of gave up lol

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      3. That’s a bummer! I don’t collect pop vinyls either, but I always enjoy looking at them all in the store. I actually did manage to get a cool limited edition Boba Fett one when the first run of Ep9 toys came out.

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      4. Ohh which one was that? I bet that’s probably worth something too lol. I haven’t really got anything rare as such but I do have some really nice figurines. Some I haven’t even taken out of their boxes lol

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      5. It is one of several different designs Funko collaborated with Futura on. So it’s kinda abstract in that it’s Boba Fett, but it’s painted differently by the artist. I wanted to take it out and play with it but my wife convinced me to leave it in the box lol!

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  1. Never invested a lot in any fandom . VHS cassettes viynl, cd dvd so many old formats. So many times caught out. Guess I’m an old synic now. With 100s of DVD’S lol


    1. Lol, that’s fine, some of those old things that you’ve collected might be worth something, you never know these days 🙂 I’ve been a star wars fan all my life but I’ve only started seriously collecting things in the last couple of years. It’s amazing how much you can accumulate over time lol


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