What’s Happening in Star Wars The Old Republic?

I’ve blogged about going back to SWTOR before and I’ve actually been playing regularly since then but mostly in the trading area. Since all my friends stopped playing, I am without a guild and spend my time trading on the GTN or slowly chipping away at my legendary player status.

I know there are some followers who liked my posts about SWTOR and I’ve been thinking about ways to ramp up my posts on Instagram and give it a much-needed boost. So I thought I might start posting about armour sets again because it’s really fun.

So this will hopefully be a regular thing and I’m keen to get the ball rolling so here are a few screen captures I took of my main trading character Catzlolz (yes, that really is her name!)


I am a very avid collector of armour sets in this game and I’ve started cataloguing all of the armour sets I have and selling the double-ups. My goal is to get as many of the sets as I can and then move onto either mounts or weapons (I haven’t decided yet).

I wanted to focus a little on what is currently selling in the Cartel Market and how it compares to prices on the GTN. I also really enjoy showing off otherwise overlooked armour sets that actually look pretty gorgeous. Just like this one I just bought for five million credits and it’s a silver set!

I would also like to do landscapes in SWTOR and maybe GIF some of them or turn some of the images into motion art and upload them here. I’ve always thought that one of the most beautiful aspects of this game is the amount of detail that has been created for the different planets and environments.

Anyway, stay safe and keep creating and I’ll catch you in the next post!

Do let me know if you’re still playing SWTOR or you’re interested in playing or ask me about anything you like! I’m keen to hear everyone’s stories.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Happening in Star Wars The Old Republic?

  1. oooh I really wish I had time to get back into SWTOR. I was big on character creation/roleplaying aspects; I never had much interest in the MMO parts. I would love to see some motion art. I used to just take screenshots all the time because the scenery was so pretty.

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    1. Hey Mei-Mei 🙂 I was actually thinking about you when I wrote that lol because I remember you and Star Wars Anon always commented on my SWTOR content 🙂 I don’t play as much as I’d like but I try to get on every couple days and some times on weekends 🙂 I’ll definitely be doing more posts like this mostly with a trading focus but I’ll definitely be doing landscape motion art images for sure 🙂 Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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