Star Wars Fan Creates Art With a Waterblaster!

This is amazing, so I just had to feature it on the blog! If I see any fantastic art or creations, I like to spread the love a little for the creators.

Check this out!

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This video clip was located here on Reddit.

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8 thoughts on “Star Wars Fan Creates Art With a Waterblaster!

  1. I would have liked to see a full time-lapse of this taking shape but the end result is clean.
    Water great way to create art…oh and maybe I need to rebuild an old “Elements: Water Saber” I built 4 years ago. Thanks for the share!

      1. Hi there, I worked in collaboration with a talented swordsman /saber master called Master Medwyn, who created his own “Lightsaber Forms” based on the Elements. Each post has the saber I designed and a link to Master Medwyn’s YouTube channel where he displays his choreography. The link to my collection is:
        And please do check Master Medwyn’s videos, they are breathtakingly beautiful.