Welcome to All My New Readers

You’ll notice I don’t like to use the word “followers”. I find this word annoying, mostly because it doesn’t really represent anything. And a person is more than a number, right? So the term “followers” to me is just a false representation of the value of that person who chooses you over everyone else.

Well, they might not only choose you, but you get what I mean. I prefer to think of everyone that reads my words as a person, not a statistic.

So onto the business at hand 😅 On this blog, you will see a lot of star wars posts and creativity in the form of adobe art and motion art that I create. This is my place for those two things only. I have other interests; a movie blog here and a writing blog here.

I thank you for choosing to “follow” me and I hope that you find some enjoyment from my humble little blog.

Please comment whenever you want, I am always happy to receive feedback and comments which I enjoy reading. I will always try to reply.

Have a magnificent day, everyone!

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Thanks for your support!

By JulieG

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